An aesthetically pleasing and effective treatment.

Aesthetically pleasing and effective orthodontics at Dental Network!

This method is recommended for both adults and children.

It simultaneously corrects bite problems and crooked teeth.

It is practically invisible, you can eat and drink anything you wish.

It doesn’t hurt and won’t leave scars.

Invisalign is based on transparent materials, and it adapts to the new, changing positions of your teeth. It enables you to see the end result of the treatment, before even beginning, and how it will change over time.

In this sense, invisalign is very predictable!

Aesthetically pleasing, since it is practically invisible. No one can tell you’re using it, and it doesn’t affect your appearance.


You can remove it when it bothers you.


Since it is removable, it doesn’t interfere with cleaning.


It is very effective, and aesthetically pleasing. Invisalign has helped a lot of people.

No constraints in eating

While you’re using Invisalign, you may eat and drink anything you wish. If it bothers you, you can even remove it for a short time whenever you wish to.


It doesn’t have any metallic components, won’t cause any injuries or leave scars.

Invisalign enables the correction of any biting problems related to orthodontic treatments.