Orthodontics are usually needed for cosmetic reasons

Orthodontics are usually needed for cosmetic reasons, and braces are usually put on in order to achieve a beautiful smile. 

Besides cosmetics, there are other reasons that make it important for teeth to be in the correct position.

If teeth are in their correct positions, it is easier to clean them, and tooth decay and tartar formation (both causes of gum bleeding) may be prevented. 

It is not uncommon that orthodontics is also the solution to problems such as tooth clenching or grinding at night, and bite disorders.

Don’t hide your smile because of your irregular teeth!

Let’s take a look at what treatments are available for the correction of irregular teeth.

What are the different types of aligners?

What will it look like, how long will it have to be installed? Can I have a removable on invisible one? Porcelain or metal? Do you also have these questions?

Everything to know about removable braces

Removable, also known as night-time aligners are mostly used in children, at the time they still have mixed teeth. In this period (6-7 years of age) the correction of teeth or jaws can begin. This procedure is meant to help with such problems as open bite, overbite and crowded teeth. Open bite is a condition when the front teeth don’t meet even with the jaws closed. Closed bite means that the upper front teeth cover the lower front teeth. 

  • Orthodontics can help avoid teeth extraction, as aligners can help create more space in the case of crowded teeth.

  • The relative position of the jawbones can also be corrected using this type of aligner.

  • It mostly needs to be put on at night, but it is most effective when used 12-14 hours a day.

  • Can be used in adults for minor corrections.

  • It doesn’t need to be on during the day, so it doesn’t cause cosmetic problems.

Invisible and removable aligners

This transparent device consists of two trays and represents a transition between removable and fixed aligners, because although it is removable, it is advised to be worn all day (20-22 hours). Patients usually only remove it while eating or cleaning their teeth. 

It is made of very thin, medical grade plastic; this makes it possible to only need changing every two weeks. It provides effective but gentle treatment. It has one big advantage over other types of aligners: it is almost invisible, so there is no need to hide your smile because of your braces. 

You can find this aesthetically pleasing aligner among Dental Network’s services under the name Invisalign:

Who and what are permanent, fixed braces for?

Permanent, fixed aligners are known by many, mainly because they are quite noticeable. A metal or ceramic is fixed to the teeth permanently - this is thought to be as uncomfortable as irregular teeth by most. It has one big advantage however: it allows major corrections to be made in a gentle way. 

This is true about modern self-ligating (self-adjusting) aligners, which can adjust the arches by themselves to a certain degree. They move the teeth using gentle force, therefore check-up visits aren’t required as often. For cosmetic reasons, porcelain aligners are preferred by some.

Invisible permanent aligners

There are also permanent aligners that are invisible, these are attached to the inner side of the teeth (where the tongue is). This method is preferred for cosmetic reasons. Otherwise, it should be noted that aligners of this type are more difficult to get used to, as they can get in the way of the tongue; and are much more difficult to clean and reach. 

There are advantages and disadvantages to every type of aligner, and they all have their limitations.

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Don’t hide your smile because of irregular teeth!

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