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What is Periodontology?
Periodontics deals with the prevention and treatment of teeth and fissure tissues, gum disease.
Periodontal diseases of the septum and periodontal diseases around the teeth, the tape and the bone,
 which surrounds the teeth, as a result of inadequate hygiene as a result of gingivitis,
may cause dental loss.
Bacteria, herpes can also cause severe septic disease.
Periodontal treatment includes several surgical and non-surgical interventions,
which are used to treat gum disease.
Surgical interventions should be performed in severe cases.
The most common root treatment is the careful cleaning of the root and surface of the teeth,
in order to remove the plaque and improve the root of the tooth, removes the toxins.
 In some cases, treatment includes additional additional therapies,
as long as the teeth and gums are not healthy.
Surgical periodontal treatments
 Surgical treatment is not necessary for everyone, and sometimes it may be a sting operation to achieve optimum dental health.
The most common surgical procedures for periodontal health are:
Cover all or part of crushed roots
Improve hygiene around teeth
Prolongation of the toothbrush. For bone and gum, prosthesis or aesthetic purposes
Bone regeneration procedures, recovery of part or all of the lost bone
around teeth or implants
Risk Factors and Symptoms of the Disease
You may have a greater risk of gum disease,
it is important to check regularly, visit our dentists.
The most common risk factors associated with periodontal disease include: a
untreated inflammation
Diseases that contribute to the impaired immune system
Prescription drugs that cause dry mouth
Genetic tendency
If you experience symptoms of gum disease, such as a bad breath,
swollen or red gum, tenderness or gum disease, permanent, loose teeth,
please contact us as soon as possible!
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Periodontology is a science concerned with the periodontium and the diseases of the supporting structures of teeth. The daily buildup of dental plaque in the mouth, between the teeth and on the gums can cause the damage and potential loss of tissue over an extended period of time.

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