At Dental Network, we provide guarantees!

We provide good and fast results.

We provide excellent dental treatments by highly qualified dentists with the best technical background, and we follow strict rules. We will welcome you warmly.

Guarantees regarding safety and hygiene

All of our 18 offices follow the stated disinfection and sterilization rules strictly.

You can relax, disinfecting and sterilizing is regular and on-going.

We aim to find the best solutions for our patients’ problems. Thanks to this, we’ve built up trust in our existing clients, and we hope you will put your trust in us as well.


Our dentists provide guarantees for their work, and the results will last for years.

The success of long term dental treatments requires many factors, which our dentists check during every check-up, and offer solutions, if they find any problems. This is why we strongly recommend coming in for check-ups and following oral hygiene guidelines, which are basic conditions for our guarantees.

Our check-ups and screening tests are free of charge!

You should visit us every six months, and ask for a status check.

The treatments we offer are meant entirely for the health of our patients.

Our prices are affordable, but you get excellent service!