Dental implant

What Dental Network Dental Implants Are?
A dental implant, a substitute tooth root.
Generally, titanium, which is placed in place of the tooth - lost tooths,
which will then be fixed to the fixed crown, bridge or denture.
Dental Network Dental Implant
In the Dental Network's dental network, the implant provides a proven and safe solution for a beautiful smile. He can chew and live safe and healthy.
With the loss of natural teeth, the jaw and the surrounding tissues are undergoing an initial process. Weak bone loss, over time.
Implantation of implants in the maximum strong bones, bone loss and bone loss is achieved by slowing down the process.
How does dental implantology work?
Essentially this is a replacement. The missing root is replaced by an artificial root, the implant, usually titanium, which is then replaced by a prosthesis, crown, or when multiple implants are recorded, the planned prosthesis.
Dental Network is a pioneer in inserting implants.
We allow both aesthetics and chewing functions to be regenerated early.
Benefits of dental implantology
With natural appearance and more confidence to enjoy a smile and a healthy life.
It's good to chew and bite.
Dental implants are the best way to replace missing teeth.
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