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Oral surgery, which includes the diagnosis, surgery and a wide range of related therapies. Be dental, injury, rebuilding surgery or aesthetic aspect.
Aesthetic treatments, together with the condition of the teeth, improve physical appearance.
For aesthetic treatment it is important for the mouth, teeth to be healthy,
For example, in the case of dental caries or ear canal illness, and then follow the cosmetic procedure, whitening.
Dental Network can have a great impact on your life!
Applying to self-conscious people will re-design the smile, build it, add new teeth.
Health and self-esteem you deserve!
Thanks to our dental implants and dentists specializing in dental implants, the new tooth will look exactly like your own teeth. You will be able to eat, live in health and of course.
Orthodontics is one of the most requested treatments. Improves physical appearance with a more attractive smile.
Prevents diseases, makes brushing easier, teeth are in good contact.
The Dental Network also offers aesthetic orthodontia, Invisalign solution.

Oral surgery

In general, oral surgery deals with the healing of lesions and diseases of the teeth, jaws and soft parts (salivary glands, gums, lips), but today there is a lot of overlap with other sectors of dentistry. Thus, oral surgery performs a number of interventions, such as the removal of teeth and root roots by simple and surgical procedures, root peaking, wrist dental removal, stomach injuries, accident injuries, cavity closure, oral cavity treatment, salivary glands, dental implants, dentures.

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Aesthetic treatments

Well-groomed white teeth increase self-confidence, others receive positive feedback.Quickly and effectively improves appearance!Easy to reach and affordable in the Dental Network's dental network!No adverse side effects! It is worth your smile and the beautiful white reception!

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Dental implant

During the implant, the missing root is replaced by an artificial root, the implant, usually titanium, to which a prosthesis, crown, or when multiple implants are recorded, the planned prosthesis.Dental Network is a pioneer in inserting implants.We allow both aesthetics and chewing functions to be regenerated early.

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The diseases of the forearm and the diseases surrounding the tooth, the bandage and the bone surrounding the tooth may result in gingivitis and dental loss as a result of inadequate hygiene.Bacteria, herpes can also cause severe septic disease. Dental Network Dental Networkprovides the most advanced oral disease treatments!

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